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New York Negligent Supervision of Schoolchildren Lawyer

How to File a Lawsuit Against a New York Public School for Your Child’s Injury

Public schools are supposed to be a safe haven for New York children to learn, play, and grow. However, sometimes school staff can be negligent in their supervision of children, resulting in bodily injury to the child. If your child was injured because he or she was left unsupervised in a public school, you should speak with a NYC personal injury attorney as soon as possible to discuss filing a claim. Your time frame for filing a lawsuit on your child’s behalf is limited by state law, so it is crucial that you call immediately to speak with one of the lawyers at Belushin Law Firm about suing the school or suing the department of education responsible for your child’s injuries.

Negligence is defined as a legal term for carelessness and behavior that falls below the standard of reasonable care in a person’s profession. In the teaching profession, there are specific guidelines about leaving children unsupervised. Children need constant supervision in the classroom, hallways, and on playgrounds to ensure their safety at all times. If your child was left without supervision and as a result, sustained a serious injury, you should contact a NY municipal lawyer to discuss filing a claim on your child’s behalf. Any injury that is caused by another person’s negligence allows the victim to sue for damages related to the pain and suffering from the injury.

Negligent supervision of a child can result in many different types of injuries to the child. A child can be injured because he or she fell at a time when they should have been supervised, or because they were injured by another child at a period when the teacher or staff member should have been disciplining the other child. In addition roughhousing or inappropriate play at recess, lunch time, or during class can be a result of negligent supervision. Occasionally, children are hurt while engaging in physical activity because they are not properly supervised or instructed on the proper way to play. If your child has been injured because a school employee left them unsupervised, you should consider bringing a personal injury claim on your child’s behalf. One of the experienced Brooklyn personal injury lawyers at Belushin Law Firm can help you file your claim.

When an injury is caused by a state or city employee, or an injury occurs on municipal property, the plaintiff has a very small window of time in which to file a claim. The plaintiff, in this case an injured child’s parent or guardian, only has ninety days to put the city or town on notice of the claim. Oftentimes, it is difficult to ascertain what events led to your child’s injury in this short amount of time. A school injury lawyer can handle the investigation of your claim and ensure that you meet the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

If your son or daughter was injured as a result of negligent supervision in a public school setting and you would like to know more about New York municipal claim law, call Belushin Law Firm, P.C., to hire the best New York personal injury firm.

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