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    Attorney Vel Belushin and His Staff of Experienced NYC Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

    Were you injured in an accident? Whether it was a car accident, work accident, or slip and fall accident, you should contact a NY personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. The personal injury attorneys at Belushin Law Firm, P.C. are experienced in handling many different types of lawsuits for injured victims.

    When you have been injured due to another person’s negligence, you have a right to bring a personal injury lawsuit claim to compensate for your pain and suffering. Negligence occurs when a person takes an action that unreasonably exposes another person to injury or death. There are many ways that a negligent person can cause injury. If a driver rear-ends another person, they have been negligent. If a surgeon leaves a surgical sponge inside a patient, they have been negligent. If a property owner fails to fix a broken stair railing that was reported, they have been negligent. If a construction company creates a fall hazard, they have been negligent. All of these situations can cause serious injury to the victim. If you were hurt because of another person’s negligence, you need to speak with a Brooklyn personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

    Practice Areas Handled By Our New York City Personal Injury Law Firm

    Our law firm handles all types of personal injury claims. We have been practicing personal injury law for over a decade, and we understand the challenges of filing a claim against an insurance company, government, business, or individual. We work hard to ensure that our injured clients receive a fair settlement that takes their pain and suffering into account. Here are some of the practice areas that our NYC personal injury lawyers practice in:

    Car Accidents: When you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, you have a right to bring a claim against the negligent driver. Car accidents include rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, rollovers, T-bone collisions, and other types of traffic accidents. Many auto accident victims suffer soft tissue accidents to the neck and back area due to whiplash from the accident. Some accident victims suffer broken bones, contusions, and lacerations from where their body struck a hard surface. If you were hurt in a car accident, the experienced New York personal injury attorneys at Belushin Law Firm can help you handle your claim.

    Construction Accidents: Construction is the most dangerous major industry to workers in the United States. Employees at construction sites are subjected to risks of electrocution, falls from heights, machinery accidents, trip and falls, and crane accidents. When a worker is injured on the job, he or she is entitled to file a workers’ compensation claim with the company’s insurance carrier. If you were hurt at a construction site, a NYC personal injury lawyer and NY construction accident attorney at Belushin Law Firm can help.

    Medical Malpractice: When we entrust a doctor with our care, we expect them to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that we are safe and healthy. Unfortunately, some doctors are negligent in their diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of their patients. When surgery is performed, doctors can also commit surgical malpractice. If you were injured because of some sort of medical mistake, you should contact a Manhattan personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

    Birth Injuries: The birth of a child is usually a joyous occasion. However, sometimes an obstetrician or hospital staff can be negligent in the delivery of a child, causing severe birth defects or injuries to the mother. Common birth injuries include cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, brain damage, and hypoxia. If your child suffered a birth injury, you should speak with a New York personal injury lawyer about filing a claim on your infant’s behalf.

    Slip and Falls: A slip and fall accident, also called a premises liability accident, occurs when there is a dangerous condition in a building or on a piece of property. Dangerous conditions can include trip hazards, broken stairs, ice, lead paint, or a spill on the floor that was unattended. If you injured yourself due to a defect in someone else’s building or property, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible to determine whether you are eligible to file a New York personal injury lawsuit.

    Work Accidents: An accident in the workplace can be a serious, debilitating, and even fatal accident. Many jobs have serious hazards, including jobs that involve heavy machinery, heights, or heavy lifting. However, almost any job can have a health or safety hazard. A nurse can injure their back while lifting a patient. A worker who handles asbestos can develop mesothelioma. A construction worker can be injured in a crane accident. All of these injured workers need a NYC personal injury attorney who can help them get a fair workers’ comp settlement.

    Defective Products: Americans use thousands of different products every day. Each of these products could potentially be defective, and some defects cause injury. A defective product could be a car, infant safety seat, child’s swing set, food item, prescription drug, or a tool. Any person who is injured by a defective product has a right to sue the manufacturer for the injuries the product caused. If you were hurt by a defective product, a NYC personal injury law firm can help you get compensation for your pain and suffering.

    Wrongful Death: Any accident can be so severe that it causes death to the victim. If your loved one was killed in an accident, you have a right to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of your deceased family member. The personal injury attorneys at Belushin Law Firm are compassionate and experienced NYC wrongful death lawyers, and they can help you through the difficult process of filing a New York wrongful death claim.

    Why You Should Hire a NY Personal Injury Attorney at Belushin Law Firm

    If you were hurt in an accident, you need effective and dedicated legal representation. Most personal injury claims involve an insurance company. In car accidents, most drivers are represented by their auto insurance. In work accidents, most companies have workers’ compensation insurance policies. Medical malpractice insurance represents negligent doctors and homeowners insurance covers negligent property owners. The good thing about insurance companies is that the plaintiff will usually know that there are funds available in the policy to cover their injuries. If a plaintiff was suing a private individual without insurance coverage, it can be much more difficult to get payment on a judgment or settlement if the individual doesn’t have the money.

    However, the downside to filing a claim against an insurance company is that insurance companies hire teams of adjusters and attorneys whose sole purpose is to minimize your settlement. They will do this by arguing that your injury did not affect your life, that your injury was caused by something else, or that you yourself contributed to your injury. You may know that all of these things are not true, but the insurance company will not listen to you unless you hire an experienced personal injury attorney who will stand up for you and show the insurance company how serious your injury was. If you want to get a fair and reasonable settlement for your accident, you should hire a NYC personal injury attorney at Belushin Law Firm today. Our firm is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies to ensure that their injured clients get the maximum compensation available for their injuries. If you were in an accident, Belushin Law Firm wants you to focus on getting better, and we will focus on getting you a settlement.

    Call the Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyers at Belushin Law Firm Today

    If you have been injured in any kind of accident, you should call the New York City personal injury attorneys at Belushin Law Firm today. When you are injured in New York, you have a limited amount of time in which you are allowed to file a claim. If the deadline for your claim passes, your lawsuit will be barred and you will not be able to seek compensation. This is why it is crucial that you get a NY personal injury attorney working on your case today.

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